What is -=DIVER=- ?

Basically -=DIVER=- is a combined automated MIRC SCRIPT and dynamic WEB FORM that adds interesting features to MIRCSTATS.
You can run both script Independently or together.

The MIRC SCRIPT is free.
The WEB FORM works, but is still incompleted, Only the network scan is left to build.


The host for the web form need to run PHP 4,3 and over. The form has fields for content that can be added in the nick.txt file in Mircstats. The content is properly set up for Mircstats to understand it witought error.

At the same time the form generate 2 file, one for background check up, to tell the Mirc script witch background images has been sucesfully uploaded and a nick_network.txt file that is basically the generated nick file needed for Mircstats users info.

This version do not require SQL database, but i will work on one eventually for faster result. This version only need a host running at least php v4,3.

The form also has a channel scanner, basically it checks for any new channel that has been generated for stats and uploaded to the web server.

The form has Error check up and field validation also. Any user that has added their personal info to a specific channel/network, need a password, sent by mail on their first inquiry, to modify it. This has been added to avoid anyone to play pranks or bad jokes to anyone. For even more security i would suggest to put the form code into a page that require one to be logged in to access it.


The mirc script has been made so it can be activated remotely or locally. Once !mircstats @mircstats .mircstats /mircstats as been typed, it fetch all the data necessary from the website, mirc and mircstats to properly generate stats pages with mircstats.

The script will generate stats of any channel you are in, remotely, only channel Op can run the script, and only once per hour.

The script will check for any special setting file format in this order:
1-chan-_-network.cfg --> For channel and network specific setting
2-chan.cfg --> For channel specific on all network setting.
3-network.cfg --> For all chan in this network setting.
4-settings.cfg --> For all other setting not specified.
5-ERROR --> When no setting file found.

If your logs file doesn't have any date name, the script will even make sure you have enaught lines in the logs to generate stats, or the script will stop and warn you. Witought this, mircstats would stop and generate a error.

If a background image has been dropped in the mircstats/image folder with the same channel or network name that you are in and it doesnt detect it on the web server the script will set mircstats to upload it on the next stats generation.

The script will select the most specific one over the other in this order:
1-chan-_-network.jpg --> For channel and network specific background image.
2-chan.jpg --> For channel specific on all network background image.
3-network.jpg --> For all chan in this network background image.
4-none --> For background color font.. no background image.

This script has many ERROR check up to help you find the problem either with -=DIVER=-, MIRC or MIRCSTATS.

The added feature with this script is that it handles multi-network. As Mircstats alone at this time doesn't.


The combination of the MIRC SCRIPT and WEB FORM makes it a very powerfull tool for anyone that wish to have a very flexible system that generate stats from their channel witought any technical fuss.
It ables any user to add their own personal info in the stats throught a secured web form.

It also tells you if any ERRORS have been generated, or if anything has been misproperly installed.
It also ables you to be on whatever IRC channel or network and generated everthing from one simple MIRC command to generate stats, as it uploads them and add the user datas from the WEB FORM.